Pine River, Minnesota

'Birthplace of the Paul Bunyan Trail' 



As Landwehr Construction began gathering rock and boulders off-site for the rock riffle project, construction of the Rock Riffle project began at the site Monday, October 18th with removal of material under the TH 84 Bridge.


WEEK OF 11.8.21:

  • The Bathroom Building  & Some Trees in the City Park Were Removed


  WEEK OF 11.15.21:

  •   Construction of a Rock Causeway Across the River Channel Began

The Rock Causeway


Native rocks & boulders from the surrounding

area are being used to make the causeway.

WEEK OF 11.22.21:

  • With the Rock Causeway in Place, a Dirt "Road" Was Fashioned Over The Rock Surface


With the  surface depth & width satisfactory,

a trench was dug into which the sheet piles

would begin to be placed.

One might logically ask,

"What is a Sheet Pile?"



This is a wall made up of 2' wide steel panels that

 are pounded vertically under the surface, each

joining the next by a "Ball & Channel" design,

thus creating a water barrier.


 WEEK OF 11.29.21:

  • Placement of the Sheet Pile Continued West to East Into the River Creating a Water Bypass
  • Then Turned Southward Back Toward the Bridge to Re-Route Water Away From the Old Dam
  • Once Completed, the Water Began to Lower at the Steps and at the Old Dam

It is interesting to see the layout of the 

river bed below the surface of the water.

The Old Dam's Days Are Numbered!

You Have Been A Faithful Old Piece of Concrete

& Metal!  You Have Witnessed Much Of The

City's History & Have Been The Focal Point

Of Many Fond Memories.  Farewell, Old Friend!



 WEEK OF 12.4.21:


In preparation for the demolition of 

the earthen / concrete street dam,

it was necessary to divert water

away from the old dam. 


A series of three bypass culverts were

eventually installed:

2) 36" culverts and,

1) 24" culvert.

They would serve to handle the input / output

of the appropriate amount of water flow

needed in order to maintain

satisfactory lake & river levels.  


Pictured here is the bypass culvert outlet.


A "temporary dam" was created

on the opposite side of the bridge

to hold the water back from

returning to the old dam.

The Outlet (Right)

The Inlet (Left: culverts just under the surface)

"The Bypass"

Pictured here is the temporary sheet pile which was used to divert the river

to the east side of the work area. 

The group of people standing out on the first weir represent the following:

Landwehr Construction ♦ Pine River Public Works ♦ DNR Fisheries ♦ 

DNR Hydrologist ♦ a Rock-Riffle Specialist ♦ Bolton-Menk Engineers.

They are discussing the individual placement of the base rock.


 WEEK OF 12.13.21:

  • Once The Waters Were Successfully Diverted, Demolition Of The Sweet Old Dam Began.


WEEK OF 12.20.21: 

 A Granular Filter Layer Was Placed Over the Floor of the River.

 Landwehr Has Begun Setting the 3' to 5' Diameter Boulders on the Individual Riffles.


The last remnants of the old dam were removed to make way for construction of the riffle rapids.

The panoramic view, looking from the North side facing the subgrade / filter bed, would eventually consist of 3" down to pea sized rock.

The next step would be to place the bedding, which consisted of 1 to 2 foot rocks.

At last, with the filter and bedding layers in place, the tedious job of strategically placing smaller rip-rap rocks, larger rocks and boulders in sloping rows began, thus creating the "riffles".   

Rocks were placed in such a way as to create "resting pools" for fish!  How exciting!!




Once  the rock arch rapids were in place on the west side, the water was diverted from the undeveloped east side, and water began to  run over the riffle. 

With water now flowing through the main portion of the riffle, work began on the east side of the river to finish the rock arch rapids reaching the opposite bank of the river.

Click the photo below to watch a Landwehr Construction video of the project

"Big Boys with their Big Toys"

"Spring Unfolding"



PROJECTED NEXT STEPS: (SEE: The Restoring, Reconstructing & Expanding The Dam Park)

  • Street and Sidewalk Construction
  • Fishing Pier Construction
  • Placing Sod
  • Placing Plantings

Comments or questions can be made to:

Bryan Drown, City of Pine River Engineer at or (218) 821-5242.



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