Pine River, Minnesota

'Birthplace of the Paul Bunyan Trail' 



As Landwehr Construction commenced their work around the Rock Riffle Dam.
The project would take on various phases:
♦ Restoration of the Banks ♦ Reconstruction of Structures ♦ Restoration of the Parks ♦
♦ Expansion of the Parks ♦



 As Soon As The Weather Allowed, Reconstruction Of The Banks And Shoreline Began.

In Preparation For The Construction Of A Retaining Wall, Sheet Piling Was Placed At The Shoreline From The Old WPA Steps To The New Bridge, And In The Opposite Direction Toward The Fishing Pier.


After Retaining Walls Were Erected, Greenery Was Placed Between The Tiers.



Then It Was Time To Start The Reconstruction Process Of The Main Portion Of The Dam Park.


A Few Troublesome Trees Were Removed For Safety.


A New Sprinkler System Was Installed And Ground Preparation For Sod & Seed Was Underway.

"Reconstruction & Reshaping The SW River Bank"  

On The Opposite Side Of The Bridge, A Portion Of The Original Storm Sewer Was Rerouted & New Rocks Were Placed Along The Shoreline.


Sheet Piling Was Placed Along The Old Fishing Platform, And The Old Platform Was Removed.


Once The Old Platform Was Removed, The Area Was Reinforced With Anchors To Stabilize A Foundation For A New Platform.



Next, The Area Was Filled, Tamped Down & Readied For The New Platform.



Meanwhile, Reshaping Of The Newest Section Of The Park To The SE Of The Fishing Platform Was Taking Place Simultaneously & Caused A Lot Of Interest.


This Creates A Beautiful View Of This Portion Of The River From Either Side Of The Banks Now.


Here Is A View Of The Newly Seeded SE Park From The Opposite Bank.

Fishing Can Now Be Enjoyed From Either Side of the River ... From  The Newly Restored Fishing Platform Or From The Ground In The New SE Park.

The Riffle Provides Fish Ladders, So More Fish May Be Present Now.


"Here Fishy, Fishy!"


Once The Grass Was Successfully Rooted, The Plastic Skirting Was Removed At The Shoreline.


Following This, A Sprinkler System Was Installed.


The Next Step Would Be To Relocate The Lion's Pavilion From The Dam Park To This New Section Of The Park.



The SW River Bank

Along With A New Concrete Platform, A Beautifully Long, Sloping Sidewalk & Stairway Were Installed To Meet The Platform From Both Sides.  The Street Was Re-Tarred.

Black Dirt Was Brought In, An Irrigation System Installed, And The Ground Readied For Sod.

Next, Railing Will Be Installed



The Upper Dam Park

New Sidewalks Were Placed Along The Upper Dam Park, The Street Was Re-Tarred, And Diagonal Parking Was Marked.  This Made For Lots More Parking Availability.

An Irrigation System Was Installed, And Black Dirt Was Brought In To Ready The Ground For Sod Or Hydro Seed. 



The "Darker" Portions In The Photo Below Show The Placement Of Hydro-Seed.

The "Lighter" Portions Show The Planned Placement Of Sod.



Swimming Beach Expansion

A Few Trees, Along With Root Systems, Were Removed Near The Shore Line To Make Way For The Expansion Of The Swimming Area.

Skillful Sculpting of the Shoreline Would Double the Size Of The Existing Swimming Beach, Bringing It Nearly To The Fishing Pier.

With The Shape Of The Beach Crafted, A Second Retaining Wall Was Installed As An Exact Match To The Existing Beach Wall.

Now A Sloping Sand Path Leads To Either Side Of The Beach.  This Has Already Become A Hot Spot For Adults, Youth, Children, And Families To Enjoy!



Once The New Beach Area Was Finished, A Yellow Swimming Raft, Caution Buoys, & A Boat Dock Were Added.

Playground Renovation & Park Expansion

With The Beach Area & Shoreline Now Complete, It Was Time To Turn Attention To The Portion Of The Dam Park Directly Behind the Swimming Beach; Spanning NW Beyond The Existing Playground.

The Wooden Playground Equipment Was Removed.

Trees Were Removed From The Area Where The New Playground Would Be Placed.

After The Trees Were Removed, Stumps Were Removed.


The Only Thing Remaining Of The Original Playground Equipment Was ...

The Rock Climbing Cave. 


Next, The Portion of River St Between Park Ave Going North Across The Park, Was Officially Closed & Removed.


This Made Way For The Footprint Of The New Playground.

Beautiful Playground Equipment Was Installed Across The New Footprint ... Including A Zip Line!!  With The Equipment Cemented In Place, The Next Step Will Be Installing A 4' Sidewalk Around The Perimeter Of The Playground, And Filling The Center With A Wood Chip Bed.

The Ground Outside Of The Playground Will Be Prepared With Black Dirt And A Sprinkler System, Where Sod Will Be Laid.  


Stay Tuned For Moving The Old Pavilion To It's New Home In The Lower Dam SE Park!

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