Pine River, Minnesota

'Birthplace of the Paul Bunyan Trail' 


OverviewIn the spring of 2019, the City of Pine River undertook a construction project to rehabilitate the City Water Towers.  The project included more extensive repair and repainting of Tower #2 east of Highway 371 and repainting of Tower #1 west of Highway 371.       
Timeline—Viking Industrial Painting began work on Tower #2 on May 28th and once completed and back in service, began work on the Tower #1 site.
The Progress
Towers #1 & #2  

April 25th, at each water tower, poles were installed that will temporarily hold the cell antennas which are currently on each water tower. 


Between April 29th & May 3rd, or so, workers will be moving the antennas off of both water towers and onto the adjacent temporary poles.

June 2019

The Well House #2 project is on schedule and ... perhaps just ahead of schedule!

Out with the old ...

in with the new!

First came demolition of the old well house & then

excavation of a new hole; followed by pouring of new

footings, allowing for the progression of the foundation.

After the foundation was back filled, the block 

walls continued to be erected.


The fresh concrete will sit for

about a week before the

concrete roof will be placed on top.

    In the meantime, the   

    water tower had to 

    be drained getting it 

    ready for the work

    ahead.  This took a 

    grand total of 8.5

    hours to complete!

The Tower project is about 2 weeks behind schedule, however, the welders are making good time with what they have to do.  A new rail cage has been placed atop the tower to which cell antennas will be attached.

A new door will be

placed at the base of

the tower.

    JULY 2019:

    Beginning Tuesday, July 16, expect to hear some 

    possible loud noises as the crew begins the tedious 

    job of sand blasting the water tower! 

    Sand blasting will begin on the inside of the tower,

    and then will move to the outside.

    This work could last over the span of a couple of   


    A crew has begun the interesting process of rigging

    the tower with the containment system.

The Tower Skirting - UP ... UP ... AND AWAY ... the Curtain that is!

The Process:

  • Surface Sandblasting
  • Air Blow Surface Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Priming

2 Crews are working feverishly to complete this process, and are ahead of schedule.

Depending on the process, sandblasting could be completed as soon as July 31st.

Primed surfaces are dark in color.


Phase 1:

A.  With the sandblasting and priming now completed on Tower II, the next step is to cover all seams, welds & edges with a good coating of zinc.

B.  Once complete, the next step is to give every surface a good coating of zinc.  And ... you guessed it ... all seams, welds & edges will then have a double coating of zinc!!

Phase 2: Epoxy Protective Layer               Phase 3: Urethane Sun Protection       Phase 4: Fluoropolymer Clear Coat

The painting on Tower #2 is finished!!

All water quality tests have passed and it is back in service. 

There is some electrical work yet to be done. 

Verizon has been notified that they can relocate to the tower whenever they choose.                          


With the roof completed and the inside painted on Well House #2, all of the finishing touches are underway.

Tower #1:


Once service was returned to Tower #2, Tower #1 was drained and taken out of service. 

Welding began August 5th.

The painters hit it hard to get it done as quick as possible.  The inside of the tower was sand blasted and now has its final coat of paint.  It will sit for 7-10 days for curing before being sanitized and filled again.  Once filled, a series of water quality tests are done before it can be put back in service. 

The intermediate coat on the outside of the tower is now complete. 



Water Tower Cellular Antenna Relocation

As of February 2020, the following cellular antenna relocation update was made available:

  • T-Mobile (Tower #1): Installation Complete
  • Verizon (Tower #2): Installation Complete

Contacts—If you have questions or concerns at any time, please contact the following Bolton & Menk, Inc. Reps:

                      Bryan Drown, P.E.— Pine River City Engineer @ 218-821-5242 or 
                      Jamie Connor— Construction Representative @ 507-382-7706 or


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